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02.08.22 – County Council Congratulate Lionesses, Tower Block Survey in SOT, Burslem Park Lake Fish Rescue Operation

Written by on 2 August 2022

Staffordshire has congratulated England’s Lionesses on their historic Euro 2022 win.

Victoria Wilson, Staffordshire County Councillor for Communities and Culture said: “In Staffordshire we are the proud home of St George’s Park, where we were honoured to have the Lionesses train before the start of their Euro 2022 campaign.

“What these girls have achieved cannot be understated—they are an inspiration not just to girls and women everywhere, but everyone who wants to play football.

“I’m sure many more young people—especially girls—will be wanting to take up the sport after seeing the success of their heroes at Wembley and with so many opportunities to take up football in Staffordshire, there is no better time to do it.”


A consultation is set to start with residents of 10 council-run tower blocks across Stoke on Trent, on the future options of the blocks.

The consultation comes after a technical investigations identified a number of issues with 10 blocks due to their design and age. These issues continue to worsen, mainly as a result of water seeping into the buildings, and now require tenant and leaseholder views on the future options for the blocks.

All 374 affected residents across the 10 blocks, will receive a letter explaining the range of options for the blocks including repair, refurbishment and redevelopment and they will be invited to complete a consultation survey, where they will be able to share views and feedback on the future of the 10 tower blocks in the city.

The consultation will run for eight weeks, starting today and will continue until midnight on Monday 26 September 2022.


A RESCUE operation is set to get underway to save fish from Burslem Park lake, after a suspected leak has led to vastly reduced water levels.

Council officers have been monitoring the lake’s levels over the past few weeks, and an underwater survey is to be carried out using water proof cameras to identify the source of the leak. Officers are also regularly checking oxygen levels in the water – which, although show no cause for alarm, are being helped by the fountain aerating the water.

Burslem Park opened to the public in 1894, and the lake covers the site of an old colliery air shaft.

It is expected that the fish will be moved in the next few days to a suitable area

Councillor Carl Edwards, cabinet member for housing and environment, said: “Although the oxygen levels are still ok, the lower levels of water are making the fish easy targets for predator species, which could be further exacerbated if there was a sudden drop in water.

“Wildlife health is being monitored by staff at the park, and thankfully we haven’t seen any sudden fish deaths and no concerns regarding wildlife at this stage. But we need to find a permanent solution to the water issue to protect this important historical asset, which is a much-loved public amenity.”

The Environment Agency (EA) have been consulted and are supportive of this approach, which is expected to take around a day to complete.

Residents are reminded that fish should never be moved to other waters as they could spread disease or invasive species by accident, which can damage fish and other wildlife in the area. Anyone who sees a fish in distress can report them to the Environment Agency hotline on 0800 80 70 60.