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Current show

80’s Heaven

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Dave Evison

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Name: Dave Evison

Birthplace: Newcastle-under-Lyme

What is your star sign? Aries

Give us an interesting fact about yourself: My father was the first person to introduce the ‘Drive Through Car Washes’ into Europe in 1960.  The first one was in Marsh Street, Hanley.  He sold out to Esso having established over 400 throughout the UK.  Also I’ve DJ’ed in the V&A Museum in London and Blackpool Tower and I was a Chieftain Tank Driver in the Army in 1968.

What’s your favourite film? Zulu

Which famous person would you like to meet? Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys

What is on your ‘bucket list’? To visit California and also to see the Orange Day Parades in Belfast

What is your favourite song of all time and why? 5 O’clock world – The Vogues – I loved the harmony in it when I first heard it in 1965 on Radio Caroline – also on the ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ soundtrack album.

What do you love about Newcastle-under-Lyme? It’s the people –  just like the Stokies over the border – friendly, generous and call a spade a spade.