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The New Vic – The Princess and the Pea – until Saturday 29th June

Written by on 25 June 2024

The New Vic Theatre – The Princess and the Pea

In partnership with ‘Upswing’ and ‘Unicorn Theatre’

Adapted by Theresa Heskins

Reviewed by Hitmix Radio

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story ‘The Princess and the Pea’, joyously adapted by Theresa Heskins – forty five minutes of pure delight!!

A stunning stage set, enhanced by wonderful lighting, exciting music, colourful costumes, flawless choreography and extraordinary sound effects were the absolute base for this great play.  This production is an absolute credit to the off-stage team.  Despite the only dialogue being ‘Pea’ and ‘Princess’ the audience were left in no doubt as to the what was going on.

And perfect casting of course – Four brilliant actors Danielle Bird, Nathan Johnston and Robert Penny as the servants and Rhiannon Skerritt as the pampered purple Princess, all performing without dialogue but with such attention to detail with every single action, fitting perfectly with every musical beat, flashing light and sound effect.  I can only imagine how much energy and effort goes into this short performance.  They were all wonderful.

Danielle is a ‘New Vic Regular’ and I have seen her excel in many different roles and ‘the yellow servant’ is no exception, Danielle threw herself into the part interacting with the children in the audience with great eye contact and facial expressions to rival Gareth Cassidy.

The play is packed to the rafters with comedy, slapstick, acrobatics, fun and I will use the word again – absolute delight!!

The lovely Rhiannon Skerritt is an acrobatic genius and has a screaming wail that could wake the dead!! And lovely facial expressions to go with it.

The highlight for me is the Princess riding through the woods on a white horse in the storm with thunder crashing and lightening striking, rain teaming down and wind howling until she was thrown from her trusty stead and left to find her way home in the dreadful gale – absolutely breathtaking.  Portrayed to perfection. Magical.

I can’t say enough good things about this play, which is first and foremost for the youngsters, and as I sat and looked around the audience at the excitement from the children and I listened to the screams and giggles of delight from individuals who don’t do anything for the sake of being polite, I knew that this production has completely hit the spot for all age groups.

Seriously, if you don’t want to go on your own and haven’t got children … then borrow some – but don’t miss it!

Definitely a FIVE STAR Production!

You can see The Princess and the Pea until Saturday 29th June